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Aztec Adventure on the TV!

Aztec Adventure on the TV!

Back in September 2020 CBeebies Stargazing came and filmed at Aztec Adventure Upton Warren. The episodes are available to view on iPlayer.

4. Uranus

Chris, Maggie and the Stargazers arrive at Uranus and discover another Solar System surprise: the shepherd moons of Uranus. Maggie, with a little help from a sheep dog and some ducks, explains that the shepherd moons help keep a ring of Uranus neat and tidy. Watch from 08.30.

5. Neptune and beyond

Maggie reveals that when Voyager made it to Neptune, it discovered that there were extreme winds on the planet. The Stargazers feel the power of the wind for themselves when they travel in boats across the lake. Watch from 05.30.
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