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Aztec Adventure The Lost Valley

Accessibility Guide

Accessibility is important to everyone at Aztec Adventure. To enable people to be as independent as possible, the management of Aztec Adventure have improved the centres to be as accessible as possible by designing and implementing improvements.

The following facilities are provided to make the centres accessible to everyone:

  • Blue Badge Parking is recognised. Disabled parking is near the entrance to the sites. It is important to emphasise that it is realised that some people do not show their differences but can still be using Blue Badge Parking legally. No-one is discriminated. 
  • The reception desks are easily accessible to wheelchair users.
  • The sites are more accessible as ramps and handrails are located at certain areas. This helps people with wheelchairs or scooters to easily access where they wish to go.
  • Disabled toilets and changing rooms are provided at the sites. These are cleaned on a regular basis every day, as are all toilets and changing rooms. The management team are happy to receive any suggestions or ideas on how to improve these facilities as they wish to cater for all disabilities whenever possible.
  • Specialist equipment is available at the Upton Warren site to enable more people to be able to access dingy and wheelie boats. This includes having the use of a hoist available to assist customers to get in and out of boats easier. Training in the correct use of the hoist is given to the staff. It is realised how important it is to put disabled people at their ease, so staff receive training to help and interreact with people regardless of whether they have a disability or not.
  • So that Aztec Adventure engage with disabled groups who might wish to sail but are worried or concerned about doing this, dedicated sailing sessions are available with concessions for disabled customers.
  • There are also dedicated quiet spaces at the sites which allow everyone to enjoy their own space when they wish.
  • Seating is also conveniently situated around the sites for people to use, especially if they have mobility problems or just wish to rest their feet.
  • The café is pleased to provide a table waiting service if required. This is available if requested and staff will happily bring the food or drink ordered to the table. The food and drink can also be ordered at the table, but the Café counters and displays are accessible for customers who wish to be more independent.
  • It is realised that Aztec Adventure should be not complacent about accessibility as there is always something that can be improved or done to encourage easier accessibility across our sites. To help and encourage this, an Accessibility Champion will be appointed in October 2022. This person will conduct a destination audit and work with local disability groups to identify and improve the sites by making future improvements.
  • One example of working with local disability groups is that the Aztec Adventure sites have been working towards the National Autistic Society’s Autism Friendly Award. Although the award has been affected by Covid outbreaks, the management of Aztec Adventure still wish to show that their sites are welcoming places for autistic people and their families.